Hiking in Tachibanayama・立花山: Sunrise Edition

There’s a first time for everything, and today was the day I woke up at 3:00am to go chase the sunrise. A few of us avid hikers drove up and made the quick hike up. Full disclosure! Most of these are my incredibly talented friend’s pictures from his amazing camera and the boring unedited ones are mine. The sun rises very early in the summer so it was a little… Continue reading Hiking in Tachibanayama・立花山: Sunrise Edition

Mochi Mochi Treat

My wonderful, kind and supportive friend went to pick this up for me when I was busy with work. It was a 2 day only, limited edition for Wagashi (Japanese sweets) Day from Kanou Shōjan・叶 匠壽庵 and it is a special kind of daifuku.  It’s called a ni-azuki-ni-mochi・煮小豆に餅, with slightly sweet boiled red beans covered with the lightest, spongiest, fluffiest mochi I’ve ever had. A really beautiful sweet that I… Continue reading Mochi Mochi Treat

Hakata Minazuki Tour Continues・Red Bean Triangle

A more classic take on Hakata Minazuki・博多水無月 from Flower Moon・花月堂, a truly beautiful shop that I stopped by for the first time. That’s one of my favourite parts (top fav is the sweets) about finding all the minazuki in the city, it gives me a great reason to explore new areas of the city and new sweet shops. This one is wrapped so perfectly with a bamboo leaf and is… Continue reading Hakata Minazuki Tour Continues・Red Bean Triangle

Hydrangea from Tugi

From Tugi, a favourite shop of mine: a beautiful white hydrangea namagashi topped with dew drops and filled with tart plum paste. The filling was one of the most surprising and interesting I’ve had in a while- in a very good way! Even the texture of the outside was different, a bit more firm than usual. Beautiful and delicate and delicious as always!

Hakata Minazuki: Annin Dōfu・杏仁豆腐博多水無月 Edition

Love an interactive sweet! This pudding is from Izumiya・和菓子処 泉屋. Annin dōfu・杏仁豆腐 is an immensely popular dessert from China that has a lot of popularity here too, it is an almond tofu pudding and I absolutely adore it, particularly as an ice cream flavour. And of course, as a variation of Hakata minazuki! The green is actually from the bamboo leaf they are typically wrapped in, behind it is the… Continue reading Hakata Minazuki: Annin Dōfu・杏仁豆腐博多水無月 Edition

Happy Wagashi Day! (AKA Christmas in June)

What a great day! This holiday goes all the way back to 848!! Rabbit Moon・兎月 was celebrating by giving out these super fun bags to eager customers. I love it! I celebrated my going to Rabbit Moon, the first sweet place I came to in Fukuoka and one of the reasons I started this blog. I got the seasonal namagashi, a beautiful intricate piece with purple sweet potato paste. A… Continue reading Happy Wagashi Day! (AKA Christmas in June)

Hakata Minazuki Continued: Sweet Summer Citrus Edition

The cutest package wrapped in a bamboo leaf from Sanshodō・参松堂. This is another sweet using amanatsu・甘夏, a sweet, Japanese citrus fruit. When you open the leaf, the wooden pick holding it together becomes the fork. Its a wonderful little citrus-y jelly with red beans sprinkled throughout. I can’t wait for more of these!

Trip to Tugi

Welcome to one of my favourite shops in Fukuoka, Tugi! It’s so beautiful and their innovation equally matched by the deliciousness of their sweets. They have monthly specials and I always look forward to checking out their new items. Here is the daily selection of ohagi (sweet rice and bean paste), namagashi (bean paste, flour, sugar sweets) mushigashi (steamed sweets) and monaka (rice wafer and bean paste). I don’t usually… Continue reading Trip to Tugi

Personal Classics: Floral Namagashi

A breath-taking flower nerigashi, this time from Fūki・富貴 a shop not too far away thankfully, because it might be a new favourite. It’s filled with white bean paste and was unbelievably smooth and creamy. I always love trying new things but floral nerigashi are truly the best and I love coming back to them.

Summer Grape Sweets

Summer is here and brings all the amazing Kyushu fruits and veggies. This part of Japan is famous for its produce so I’m excited to try everything. Throughout Japan a wide variety of (usually expensize) grapes are a prized treat. And today, an adorable little treat from Minamoto Kichoan・源吉兆庵, where I’ve gotten lucky a few times. Its a daifuku with a very thin layer of mochi, with white bean paste… Continue reading Summer Grape Sweets

Hakata Minazuki Tour Continues: Warabi Mochi Edition

A hybrid sweet! My Hakata minazuki・博多水無月 challenge continues. This time from Umeya・梅屋 in southern Fukuoka. It’s a mizazuki wrapped in warabi mochi. I posted a little while ago about warabi mochi, a classic Japanese sweet with bracken starch and kinako (toasted soy bean flour). The inside is very, very soft jellied red bean paste. It was very interesting, I love seeing the shops individual interpretation of this wagashi. I guess… Continue reading Hakata Minazuki Tour Continues: Warabi Mochi Edition

First Chilled Matcha of the Season

Hard to beat this summer combination. Frothed matcha poured over matcha ice cubes with amanatsu daifuku・甘夏大福. Amanatsu is a summer citrus that has the bitter tanginess of a grapefruit with a deep sweetness. This one has white bean paste covering the candied, pulpy citrus.

Hakata Mizazuki・博多水無月 Pineapple Edition

Sweets in the wild! I met a friend in Hakata, central Fukuoka and the namesake for this month’s wagashi, Hakata minazuki・博多水無月. This one (on the right) from Imada・今田和菓子 is pineapple, agar agar (algae gelatin) and white bean based and was so refreshing on a hot day. Outside of Rabbit Moon・兎月 I saw this poster that details all the shops participating in making minazuki and what flavours they have. Well, I… Continue reading Hakata Mizazuki・博多水無月 Pineapple Edition

Hiking in Itoshima: Tate Ishi・立石 Edition

Another sunny weekend! Rainy season is no problem if this pattern keeps up. A few people had told me about this very beautiful, mini hike in Itoshima that was a little windy so I was saving it for warmer weather. Itoshima is a bit of a beach town and it was great to explore around. There are near panoramic view going most of the way up the mountain. Every 3… Continue reading Hiking in Itoshima: Tate Ishi・立石 Edition


Another rainy day, but the sun came out eventually and I walked over to Kichi Zoh・吉蔵. There are the cutest little flowers crawling on the roof, and they were so bright after the rain. A wagashi shaped as a new leaf around coarse red bean paste・tsubu an・粒餡 with a little raindrop on top. This must be one of the first tsubu an sweets I’ve had from them, it was a… Continue reading Raindrops


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