Sweet and Salty Tomato

I found this little salted cherry tomato white bean daifuku at a department store yesterday. The mix of tartness, saltiness, sweetness and chewiness was very good! It’s nice to try different combinations of flavours.

Little Sprouts

I’ve had this plant since moving to Fukuoka and it took me a while but I finally think I understand its light needs. It seems so happy right now (most of the plants are loving the sun and warmth in the apartment now) but it recently surprised me with a little shoot, stretching straight up. Seems like a good omen. One of the popular early spring foods in Japan is… Continue reading Little Sprouts

Matcha on Matcha

I’m loving my beautiful new bowl so much. I actually got this vase from the same shop, they look so cute together! This is sweet is coarse red bean paste wrapped in mochi, dusted with matcha from Rabbit Moon・兎月. Of course, it was amazing!

100th Post! Roses and Snacks Still Going Strong

A true commitment to snacking! I can’t (I can) believe I got to 100 posts so quickly. I love seeing and sharing all the sweet treats I find. This one is a sakura mochi jelly with yōkan (smooth red bean paste jelly) that is actually from the convenience store. I can’t believe how good it was! I added a couple salk preserved sakura blossoms for fun, but I think even… Continue reading 100th Post! Roses and Snacks Still Going Strong

New Month, New Bowl

Yesterday was the perfect, sunny spring day filled with flea markets and patios. I got super lucky and found this white matcha bowl! I’ve been keeping an eye out for a white one for a while and I’m just over the moon with it. Today was in sharp contrast, rainy and grey but its always nice to get to use a new bowl for the first time. My snack is… Continue reading New Month, New Bowl

Snacks of Convenience

This was a very productive week with a lot of multitasking. I got this chocolate chou-crème dessert from 7/11 while I was running errands. You could do worse for snacks than convenience stores in Japan. Are they my absolute favourite? No, but they are pretty good! Nice to enjoy while I take a break and look at my roses open up.

End Of The Season: Sakura Fubuki

Sakura Fubuki・桜吹雪, which translates to Sakura Snow Storm is upon us in Fukuoka! At home my baby roses are still in full bloom (man kai・満開). I got the most beautiful wagashi from Kichi-Zoh to celebrate the last days of blossoms. It is a yōkan based sweet that represents the oar of a boat, peddling through a lake where sakura petals have fallen. How dreamy! The perfect mid-day break imagery for… Continue reading End Of The Season: Sakura Fubuki

A Pink Mood

I found this spring hanabira mochi・春花びら餅 at the supermarket. It seems to be the spring twist on the New Years classic hanabira mochi. It’s a simple mochi wrapped around pink colored white bean paste. To be honest, I think the supermarket made it up but thats ok! It was cute and delicious. The flower shop across the street had the sweetest little roses. The whole city seems to be blooming… Continue reading A Pink Mood

Kintsugi・金継ぎ・Take your broken bowl (💖) and turn it into art

Kintsugi, which means golden joinery, is a traditional pottery mending technique. Broken pieces are put back together using golden lacquer, its flaws and cracks strengthened and highlighted and turned into a new, stronger piece with its own beauty. It’s not hard to extend the metaphor. Sometimes bowls get broken, sometimes hearts get broken (sometimes by the same person) but embracing imperfections helps to see different kinds of potential. With sakura… Continue reading Kintsugi・金継ぎ・Take your broken bowl (💖) and turn it into art

Hiking In Aburayama・油山 Round 2: Sakura Edition

It was a gorgeous sunny day so I headed back to Aburayama to see the cherry blossoms over there. I can see Aburayama from my bedroom window every morning so it was fun to go back. Since it was my second time there I didn’t take as many photos but it was still incredibly nice. On the walk back home ( I love I can walk home from the mountain… Continue reading Hiking In Aburayama・油山 Round 2: Sakura Edition

Sakura Forever?

I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when this season is over next week. For now, I will have sakura mochi with sakura paste beside my sakura branches and sakura tea on a sakura plate. I went for a walk in the evening and it was just the prettiest ever.

Cherry Blossoms Inside and Out

Inside, I had sakura dorayaki with red bean paste. Dorayaki is like a fluffy little pancake. It was lovely. I have some sakura branches for my home and I love to look at them every second. But outside! Very early, we went out to see the sakura near my place by the castle ruins in Ohori Koen. It was the perfect weather, and the perfect blossoms and perfect morning. The… Continue reading Cherry Blossoms Inside and Out

Full Bloom

It is officially full bloom, or man kai・満開 for sakura season. I celebrated with the prettiest sakura and red bean namagashi・生菓子 from Kichi Zoh. Soon the petals will start falling and it will be beautiful as well but I’m hoping for a couple more days.


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