Tiger Tiger

The cutest yuzu yōkan filled tiger to ring in the year of the tiger. The sweet pancake was nice and chewy and the yuzu flavour was incredible, a nice change from the classic red bean.

Soft Stork

This is another very late post that I couldn’t pass up. Around new years in Japan there is a lot of stork motifs (at least in the wagashi I have noticed). This one was so beautiful, I really fell in love with it.

Better Posted Late Than Never

I cannot believe I forgot to post this but it must be seen. My beautiful, gorgeous, delicate, perfect in every way hanabira mochi・花びら餅 from Kichi Zoh. New years in Japan is lovely, but I have to admit this is one of my favourite parts. A super soft but chewy piece of burdock root and sweet white bean past is the best way to start the year.

Unwrapped Snack

This peeled clementine literally made me gasp in the department store. It was filled with smooth white bean paste and the textures made it really fun to eat.

Canadian Chocolate

These beautiful chocolates were a super sweet present from a friend in Canada that I ate way too quickly but were amazing. It’s possible to find things similar to this in Fukuoka, but these were really amazing.

New Year’s Prep

I got my beautiful, perfect kagami mochi from Rabbit Moon yesterday and I’ll definitely write more about it later. To celebrate the weird time between Christmas and New Years I got this cute snowman dorayaki filled with red bean yōkan.

Christmas Buffet

A little late to post, but not a reflection of how lovely my Christmas sweets were. It was a little too late in the day for caffeine so I was matcha-less for one of the first times. These came as a set and were just so pretty and perfect.

Christmas Eve Bonus Round

It’s been a while since I went to the fancy department stores and spend half my paycheque on sweets but hey, its Christmas! This one shop had a whole bunch oh Christmassy wagashi, who am I to say no to a little Christmas tree and snowman filled with coarse and smooth red bean paste?

Christmas Eve Eve

Fairly quickly, I went from far-too-busy to deeply-in-vacation mindset. Wagashi for breakfast! The cutest snowflake to kick off Christmas. I’m very excited for what’s to come in the coming days.

Holiday Citrus

Truthfully, I had a mini catastrophe on the way home from Rabbit Moon・兎月 when I dropped my bag and broke one of my wagashi. I audibly gasped. No other choice but to go back tomorrow I guess. Luckily, this one survived and it was so good I might get another one tomorrow just because. Inside was smooth white bean paste with yuzu flavour.

Laziness But It Works

The last week before winter vacation is a little more hectic that I’d imagined but likely could have predicted. Luckily, one is never too far from sweets here. I got this little character at the 7/11 near my place, and my slightly injured tree from Daiso, the Japanese dollar store. My sweet was so, so, so unlike the usual wagashi I get from the specialty shops. Much more dense and… Continue reading Laziness But It Works

First Christmas Peek

My first Christmas wagashi of the season! I can’t believe it’s only a couple weeks away. This year in Fukuoka is a lot warmer than last year so I’m not feeling the Christmas vibe as much, yet.

Sweet Rice

It was my first time trying this one! Unfortunately I ate it too quickly to take a close-up, but its sweet, sticky rice with yellow flowers, filled with smooth white bean paste. It was so cute and lovely, I cannot wait to get another one.

Happy Holly

It’s so cute! My little sweet is shaped like a hoshigaki ・干し柿 or dried persimmon, an amazing winter treat. Mine is filled with red bean paste and dusted with kinako flour which was a lovely tasty surprise.

Hiking in Itoshima: Raizan・雷山 Edition V2

After a very busy October and rather rainy November, I finally got outside again. A last minute decision to go to Raizan, which I went to last winter as well, was exactly what I needed yesterday even if I am more sore that I should be this morning. We took the opposite route as I did last time and started past the abandoned pool and campsite. Very quickly there were… Continue reading Hiking in Itoshima: Raizan・雷山 Edition V2


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