Variations on a Flower

It felt like a minute since I’d been to Rabbit Moon・兎月 and of course they did not disappoint. A cute flower filled with white bean paste to go with my spiky thistles.

Easiest Decision Ever

Some choices are hard, but sometimes you go to Kichi Zoh・吉蔵 not knowing what you want and see a namagashi in the shape of a bunny and you know instantly you have made the right decision. It was wonderful.

A Sweet Mushroom

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this at Kichi-Zoh today. For one reason, it’s an adorable forest mushroom with white mean paste and whole adzuki beans. Two, this was actually the first wagashi I tried in Fukuoka last year, before I started writing in here. I’m coming up on a year in Fukuoka, which is unbelievable, but not more so than realizing you measure the passing of time… Continue reading A Sweet Mushroom

7/11 Snack

On Monday I had gone out completely forgetting the 2 places closest to me were closed. Not ready to admit defeat, I found a green grape and an nin dōfu・杏仁豆腐. It’s a Chinese sweet almond pudding that I love all iterations of. Sad that I missed out but at least there’s 7/11 to fall back on in case of emergency.

Rain Again

Another hot rainy day. I had these little balls with the smoothest red bean paste in a sweet syrup, mizu manjū・水まんじゅう. A pretty, light pairing for a humid day.

Hiking in Munakata・宗像市: Mt. Yugawa・湯川山 (471m) Edition

The first sunny weekend in August! Here we go, off to the north where I read about a hike that ends at a beach. Here is the first mini mountain range I will climb, its only about 300m high. On the way up I pass through temples and chestnuts. I was a little worried it would be too hot but it was much, much cooler once I got up a… Continue reading Hiking in Munakata・宗像市: Mt. Yugawa・湯川山 (471m) Edition

August Snack of the Month: Kakigori・かき氷

With all the rainy weather, I hadn’t really been in the mood for shaved ice・kakigori・かき氷 but the sun is out, its hot and perfect weather for one of my favourite summer sweets. This shop, Roponpon・ろっぽんぽん, is just beside my place and I often get their tai-mochi snacks after hiking. This kakigoari had the fluffiest shaved ice and was topped with condensed milk, kinako flour, and almonds with red bean paste… Continue reading August Snack of the Month: Kakigori・かき氷

Summer Mochi

The sun is out, its hot and beautiful and time for sasa mochi・笹餅. Sasa is the word for the bamboo leaf that the light, chewy mochi filled with red bean paste is wrapped in. This mochi is more moist and less dense than usual and kind, and they are best served nice and cool.

A Nice Sturdy Snack

This is an ikinari dango・いきなり団子 from Rabbit Moon・兎月, which is fairly popular around this area but from what I understand is much more famous in Kumamoto. It’s a quite sizable steamed dumpling filled with red bean and sweet potato. Some are so large they can double as lunch. In the winter I often toast them for a minute but it’s still summer and hot and humid here so I passed… Continue reading A Nice Sturdy Snack

Cute as a Button

Even if it feels like a thousand years since I was in Kichi Zoh, it’s probably been a week or two. I really think they have the best namagashi in the city. This little flower was perfect.

Strawberry Milk Mochi

It’s been a very, very rainy season over here and I haven’t been making snack runs as often as I would like but I did manage to get this amazing strawberry milk daifuku from the grocery store. It’s so big! Nice and not too sweet and chewy.

Interactive Jelly

This is actually another sweet I got while staying in my old neighborhood in Tokyo a little white ago. It’s a lightly sweet jelly inside of a bamboo tube. Always love a prop, you can use the plunger to push in through a little grid that slices it into cute jelly noodles. Then you pour a sweet, black sauce over it, similar to molasses. It was a very fun, light… Continue reading Interactive Jelly

Melon Soda Sweet

I love Tugi so much! They had the cutest, sweetest little melon soda sweet I have ever seen. You can really taste the sparkliness of the soda. It was a fun little treat on a hot day.

Sangenjaya Sakura Sweet

When I was transiting through Tokyo on vacation I stayed in my old neighborhood, Sangenjaya. I have many, many old favourites there, of every variety but of course I had to stop off at one a classic sweet shop I adore. Their yuzu and white bean monaka (wafer) is never far from my memories of the area.

Hokkaido Souvenir Snacks

Can’t go on vacation without souvenirs! In Japan they’re called omiyage・お土産 and almost exclusively refer to food. These butter sandwich cookies are one of the most popular from Hokkaido and are very near the top of my list. Buttery white chocolate and raisins sandwiched between more buttery biscuits. Worth a trip up north alone!


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