Getting colder and darker

hoshigaki and black lilies and baby’s breath

My heart stopped when I saw these black calla lilies and baby’s breath. I found them on a work break in Yakuin and while unable to take a single good picture if them, i love them to death.

Another fav autumn Japanese snack is hoshigaki・市田柿, dried persimmon, I love eating them on hikes. This sweet is pretending to be a little hoshigaki with red bean inside and a chocolate cream stem.

First Fukuoka Hike: Hōmanzan

If you search for hikes in Fukuoka this will be pretty high at the top of the list. For good reason, it has incredible views, beautiful temples and it’s easy to get to from the city. Its like Takao-san:Tokyo and Hōmanzan:Fukuoka. Its’s 829m and takes about 5 hours give or take walking around Kamoda Shrine and getting snacks of the shotengai by the station.

One of the famous foods in Dazaifu is umegaemochi・梅ヶ枝もち and is is red bean paste wrapped in mochi and pressed and cooked in a little hot plate until….

It turns out like this! And you can eat it in a cafe that overlooks this!

Sweet & Simple

White bean shiso daifuku

Shiso is one of my favourite Japanese flavours, especially in sweets. It is often added to make umeboshi but I’ve seen it used a lot of a basil replacement in recipes. It’s really fresh and peppery and a little sweet.

One of my favourite sweet shops in my old neighborhood had a green shiso manjū that I would buy in bulk so I was overjoyed to see Togetsu has a super lovely purple shiso white bean daifuku.

Leaving the House Pt 1

Yusentei matcha set

It took me a while to force myself to stop setting up the new space and explore around the neighborhood. There’s so much I want to see and I have to keep reminding myself- I live here now, there is lots of time to do everything. But first on the list is Yusentei, a temple in Japanese garden that has super cute open air tatami tea room. This place is everything I love, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like in different seasons.

A New Beginning

First snippet of calm after the moving boxes storm

kōyō namagashi and flowers from the grocery store

Welcome to my first matcha set after moving across the country to Fukuoka! This is almost 2 weeks after i moved and just a little after my apartment stopped looking like a box factory.

Moving to a new place means meeting a lot of new people and re-introducing yourself – frequently. Hobbies are always in the top 3 questions and as might be obvious by the title, matcha, sweets and hiking are my biggest hobbies. Since moving to Kyushu I’d like to save and share the places I’ve seen and the beautiful snacks I’ve eaten.

This autumn leaf and red bean sweet is from a shop nearby: 兎月(とげつ・ togetsu).