Hiking in Kayasan・可也山

Taken near the 365m peak

East of Fukuoka is Itoshima, famous for beaches, oysters, salt and some truly beautiful views. This is my first hike in the area and also my first solo hike. Armed with many different map apps I got rewarded with what must be the best panoramic views in the prefecture.

Here is the path I took on Yamap!

There is a funny little swing right after the initial ascent. Like a few places I’ve hiked around Japan, there are poles to borrow. Near Tokyo I have seen boars, snakes, and deer but today I found chickens and a tanuki? Very magical.

View from the top! I love love love the views up here, my camera absolutely does not do it justice. The trail itself was fine. The first 40~ minutes are pretty challenging but after that it’s pretty smooth sailing.

And, view from the bottom! Along the coast there are lots of oyster huts where you can get super fresh seafood, it’s popular here to barbecue oysters here on a grill. Next time I won’t bring a lunch.

There’s a zillion things I want to come back to Itoshima to check out. Mostly food, but there is a lot more hiking to be done here too!

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