Hiking in Ōnojō: Shiōjiyama

Welcome to my adorable Christmas eve hike! It was really rainy and cold in the city but meant I had the whole mountain to myself all day. I was in 四王寺山 and went to Ogusukuyama・大城山, Obarayama・大原山 and Iwayayama・岩屋山. The views are not really what you’re going for; the trails are really nice and there is some beautiful scenery though. I really liked this area, which is not surprising since it is right beside Dazaifu!

There are temples, tiny trails and also day campsites so there are lots of places to spread out (by myself). There is even a waterfall, though it is one that makes you question the definition of what constitutes a waterfall.

It was nice to see the end of Japanese maple leaves (momoji) even if they had fallen. I loved how misty, foggy and moody it was up there. A little weird vibe for Christmas but it felt nice, I would love to come back and see the other trails this area has to offer.

And since I was so close to Dazaifu I popped over to Taizen and got a white bean strawberry monaka! Because it is Christmas after all.

And of course, here is the path I took on Yamap!

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