Another New Favourite

Seems wild that I have not been here yet. It makes me excited to think about the other places I haven’t found yet. Sho itō・処いとう is a grade A super cute shop. It is in a tiny triangle shaped store beside the river, run by this lovely old woman. The sweets come in 2 sizes, small and medium, which is the first time I’ve seen this. Genius! Means I can get double. Anyone who has been to Japan knows how rampant the plastic waste is, but this shop is one of the most eco friendly I’ve seen that doesn’t explicitly advertise to be. She wraps them up like a little present I can unwrap at home.

Hoshigaki・干し柿 sweetDried persimmon

Imitation hoshigaki sweets are a top fav of mine, but that kind of sweet potato and the nori one was a first for me. The kurikinton・栗きんとんcandied sweet potato and chestnut is a new years staple but it was the first time I’ve seen it in a sweets shop, or before new years! It was delicious.

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