Perfect Ginger Ohagi

This is my first ohagi of the year, first ohagi on the blog, first ginger sweet on the blog, first time I ever saw a ginger flavoured ohagi, and my first trip to 御菓子・Okashi Tugi! The shop owner was so sweet and patient with her explanations to my many questions.

Ohagi are sweets made with glutinous rice that has been soaked for a long time and then wrapped in (usually) bean paste, but it this case in was a delicate ginger paste. This was definitely unique and soothing. Ohagi are one thing that you can really tell the difference between something from the grocery store vs a specialty store. The textural contrast of thick chewy rice with smooth ginger paste was so perfect it forced me to slow down and just forget about everything else. Next time I am in the neighbourhood I will without question go back and try their other offerings.

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