Cheezeit Kotastu


It’s cold again, surprise. I’ve been eating all my meals under my kotatsu, which are small tables with a heater on the underside and then all wrapped up in a blanket. You can sit under the blanket and warm up really nicely. I have only seen them in Japan but I will never, ever part with mine. Quality of like improves dramatically with them, I can stay under here all day.

Macaron Cheese Cracker

I love novelty snacks, all snacks. I saw this on social media and had to go try it. It is a French “inspired” macaron with cheese flavoured filling and and a salty butter cracker. The bakeries in Tokyo are truly amazing and the quality is worthy of the high prices. This one….was not like those. Funny flavours aside, the macaron was just way too thick and hard, crunchy not chewy. Well, they can’t all be winners.

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