Silver Linings

The sky could be falling, the four horsemen riding in, and I could still count on Rabbit Moon・兎月 to make me smile ear to ear. I went in to get a few things and one of the women started to chat me up. Their patience with my bad Japanese is truly saint-like, and is helping me improve a lot. They gave me this sliced black-bean mochi as a little gift, as they were the ends of the roll. It’s just so kind! I was so happy and appreciative to get it. I put them under my grill for a few minutes and they puffed up beautifully into tasty, chewy perfection.

I couldn’t resist having a double-whammy sweet set. This blossom namagashi is so beautiful and was equally delicious. I know it seems silly, but the kindness of the people at the shop and taking a few minutes out of the day to enjoy their sweets is something I am so grateful for.

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