Tai-Mochi Tuesday

ろっぽんぽん・Ropponpon is a super (super) tiny little shop in the neighbourhood. I have been there a couple times but today I finally got the snack I’ve been waiting for. They are famous for their taiyaki・たい焼 and tai-mochi・たいもち, which is their specialty, and the first time I’ve seen or heard of it! You can find taiyaki everywhere, usually with red bean paste, custard, white bean, or maybe some fun flavour in a crispy, fish-shaped waffle/cake body. Tai is a kind of fish, but this snack is fishy in form only!

But tai-mochi, replaces the cake with my beloved mochi. And this one is swimming is a bed of kinako! Kinako is sweet, toasted soy bean flour. Sounds weird but is hugely popular and very delicious, definitely in my top 5 favourite Japanese sweets flavours.

The red bean paste and soft, white mochi start to peek through the kinako. It was still warm! Not hard to guess why this place is so popular, especially this item! I loved it and can’t wait to go back.

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