Leaving the House: Tea Trip

I love all my teas at home but sometimes its nice (if properly socially distanced in a well ventilated space) to try new things. Chaho Furyu・茶舗ふりゅう has been on my list for a while and was really lovely. We had a tasting of 2 different teas that are each served at 3 different temperatures.

The light green is the haku・白 and is from Yame, a very popular tea region. This is a bit of an albino tea (白 means white) and was very smooth and nice.

The one on the left is heki gyoku・碧玉, the first steep was done at 30 degrees and was really unlike any other tea I’ve had before. Very earthy and umami.

The second pour, a little warmer for the haku and over ice for the heki gyoku. It”s really incredible how intensely the flavour changes with the temperatures and steeping times.

The final round the haku was chilled which was really refreshing and nice. Of course it wouldn’t be finished without a sweet and they served peanut karintō which I always love (it’s fried brown sugar). The biggest surprise was they served the remaining heki gyoku tea leaves to be eaten with salt as the last dish! Sadly I forgot to take a picture but it looked like it does in the pot but with coarse salt. It was really amazing, definitely a first for me.

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