Doll Festival Day: Hinamatsuri・雛祭り

Hinamatsuri・雛祭りhas a couple translations I have seen, usually Doll’s Festival, Girl’s Day, or some combination of the 2. I think anyone who has been to Japan in the spring would recognize the traditional dolls that decorate shops and restaurants, or all the food and snacks specific to this time, particularly hishimochi, the 3 layered mochi sweet.

Being that I am not, and do not have a child, I am not really the target demographic for this day but why would I let that get in the way of some new sweets. I got this incredibly beautiful set from Kichi-Zoh・吉蔵 that includes the wagashi version of hishimochi and the 2 most important dolls: hina-ningyō・雛人形, the emperor and empress in their traditional courtly attire.

The dolls are smooth red bean paste manjū with soft bean paste as the ceremonial robes. Very special, I’m happy I got to take the time to learn a little bit more about the holiday!

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