Hiking The Tallest Peak in Fukuoka: Mount Sefuri・脊振山 Edition

At just 5 minutes shy of 8 hours, I think this was my longest hike since moving here. The Sefuri mountains are on the Fukuoka/Saga border and are the highest in Fukuoka prefecture (1,054.6 m). The path I took up was a little long, but without a doubt the prettiest I have taken up in Fukuoka. Every 5 minutes I was walking by or in a new little stream or waterfall.

There was one of the funniest trail heads (or ends) I have ever seen, a huge, long rope to pull yourself up on with a swimming pool ladder to get out of the path! I loved it, it was really fun without being difficult, and popping up at the top felt like I was coming from a different world.

The views of the city were pretty amazing, but I can’t say it was my favourite summit. Although there is a nice shrine and tiny shelter, it is also home to the Japanese Air Self Defense Force so there was barbed wire and lots of buildings complete with parking lots. I was the only person up there but still, it was more relaxing to only face away from the barbed wire fences.

This was from near Mt. Kana・金山 where the surrounding mountains were particularly beautiful. I sadly didn’t get that many good pictures because I was focused on my timing. I will definitely go back so I can spend more time in the waterfalls though so it’s fine by me.

Finally at the end of the day I got to see some pretty blossoms along the way. From the bus stop I could see the Air Self Defense Force at the top of the center mountain in the distance. It was very fun to see how far I had come, it looks so tiny!

And of course here is my whole 8 hour trip hike on Yamap.

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