Kintsugi・金継ぎ・Take your broken bowl (💖) and turn it into art

Kintsugi, which means golden joinery, is a traditional pottery mending technique. Broken pieces are put back together using golden lacquer, its flaws and cracks strengthened and highlighted and turned into a new, stronger piece with its own beauty. It’s not hard to extend the metaphor. Sometimes bowls get broken, sometimes hearts get broken (sometimes by the same person) but embracing imperfections helps to see different kinds of potential.

With sakura season almost over, I got an amazing sakura paste dorayaki from Rabbit Moon. I’ve had a couple already and been lucky enough to chat with the store owner again. It’s been an absolutely lovely spring, with the blossoms and exploring Fukuoka and my neighborhood and I’m so excited for the rest of the year.

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