Strawberry Eggs

A friend of mine recently visited from Tokyo and brought some snacks. There is a huge industry and tradition of omiyage・お土産 which are souvenirs but exclusively food items. If you go anywhere, a different prefecture, city or Disneyland, you bring omiyage for all your friends, family and coworkers. So my friend brought these super delicious omiyage from Tokyo, where he lives.

It’s a little strawberry ‘egg’ with a jammy yolk and light cake-y exterior with a strawberry chocolate shell. It was surprisingly incredible! Chewy, sweet and a mix of lots of textures. Makes me miss living in Tokyo a bit.

Late Easter Treats

I got the sweetest package from back home and in it were these adorable handmade Easter chocolates from my Mom. It’s a tiny bit late, but better late than never! Easter isn’t really celebrated here, which is surprising because it’s such an adorable holiday.

Hiking in Daizaifu: Sangunsan・三郡山 (935m) and Waterfall Edition

One of the most popular hikes in Fukuoka is Hōmanzan, which I’ve done a few times but never added Sangunsan・三郡山 to the route. Between the two summits there are a lot of little waterfalls and streams I wanted to check out.

The summit of Sangunsan is a lot like Sefuri. Wrapped with barbed wire and quite industrial. Oh well, it was nice to check it off the list and there was a nice spot so sit and have lunch.

Just beyond there, I climbed down to see the waterfalls. It was so cute! The tsubaki flowers had recently fallen and the ground was covered with them. Against the green mossy rocks and sounds of water trickling everywhere it was pretty magical.

A familiar view, at the top of Hōmanzan. The only surprise here was how quiet it was! It was a nice surprise as it’s often quite crowded at the top.

The way down to the shrine is always really lovely.

I’ve done this hike a few times but had somehow forgot it was a touch of a challenge, so I’m a bit more tired and sore than I thought I would be today. But good practice for my hike coming up this week!

Of course here is the course I took on Yamap.