Sweet and Salty

I’ve had my eye out for this pudding for quite a while since living in Fukuoka so was thrilled to come across it. It’s special for its flavour- soy sauce! Slightly sweet soy sauce is quite a popular product in Kyushu, the prefecture that Fukuoka is in.

It’s a creamy but stiff pudding set on top of a light salty-sweet soy sauce syrup on the bottom. It was quite different from anything I’ve tried and wouldn’t say no to a second round.

We are right in the middle on peony season here. I’ve never seen so many in the wild as I have around Kyushu. This one I did get from the florist and it makes me smile every time I see it

In other news, I have pickled or fermented everything I can think of. (Left to right) Salted lemons, mustard cherry tomatoes, sweet green beans, parmesan kōji, apple cider soy beans, fresh ginger, caraway cucumbers, and curried hard boiled eggs. If you have any good pickling recipes, please send them my way! I love fermenting as much as I don’t love cooking so this makes throwing salads and plates together later in the summer nice and easy.

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