Fall Colours

It’s undeniably fall, the temperature dropped 10 degrees in the last couple weeks so there is no denying it any more. I love the heat but am happy to have new sweets to look forward to.

I restocked my matcha and got a new variety of the same brand, this kind is made from younger leaves. When I whisked it, I could immediately smell the difference, its really wonderful and incredible. It foams really beautifully as well, I’m really happy with it.

False Autumn

Incredibly enough, it’s the end of September, already! The weather has cooled enough to be manageable but its still quite hot. There have been maybe 2-3 light sweater days which always makes you try to change habits too soon. The fall snacks are definitely here and I as well am here to support them. This kurikinton・栗きんとん from Kichi Zoh was a perfect autumn treat, with sweet chestnut paste placed around smooth red bean paste. This is a really popular one so I’m sure it won’t be my last.