Lazy Mornings

I changed things up a bit today and had my matcha set for breakfast! Like a rebel, or an impatient child. Yesterday I went to Tugi, one of my all time Fukuoka favourites and I got this yuzu yōkan (gellied white bean paste) that is sitting pretty on a candied yuzu peel. It goes without saying, this will, without question, be the best thing I eat today. It was just heaven, every time I go to Tugi I remember I need to come back more often.

Better Posted Late Than Never

I cannot believe I forgot to post this but it must be seen. My beautiful, gorgeous, delicate, perfect in every way hanabira mochi・花びら餅 from Kichi Zoh. New years in Japan is lovely, but I have to admit this is one of my favourite parts. A super soft but chewy piece of burdock root and sweet white bean past is the best way to start the year.