Hiking the Kohechi Pilgrimage Trail: Day 2

For our second leg of the trip we woke up in Omata, went over Obakotoge Pass, and finished at Miura-guchi.

For the start of our second day, we emerged well fed and to better weather. Still a little cloudy but not too bad. This hike as well wasn’t that challenging. But without question the most snow we had the whole time.

Some earth angel has invested in this property on the mountain so we were able to have lunch hidden away from the wind which was very much appreciated. It got a bit colder before it got warmer.

At the peak, you can perhaps get a sense of the weather. You can see the wind marks form along the ice on the branches.

We stayed at a very, very remote lodging with some interesting interior decor. The food was absolutely incredible and it was very cozy. A good place to rest up before the most difficult and longest hike that was coming up the following day.

Here is day 2 hiking course on Yamap!

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