A White Chocolate Renaissance

I feel like I’ve eaten more white chocolate in the last month than I have in the last 5 years. It’s so much better than I remember it! I got this very inspired daifuku while I was hiking in Dazaifu and brought it home with me. It’s hōjicha (toasted green tea) flavoured bean paste with a soft, sweet ball of white chocolate in the center. Worth doing another round of hiking in Dazaifu to have again, no question, it was absolutely phenomenal.

Balcony & Chilled Chocolate Cube

Just a girl with her matcha set and beans

Another unbelievable wagashi from Tugi, this time their classic ‘Black’ flavour, which is creamy chocolate, wrapped in red bean paste with walnuts and dusted with coconut. Served chilled with some iced matcha on a summer day is pretty alright. Everything about Tugi is really breathtaking, even their packaging.