Field Trip: Shirouzu Coffee

I spend too many hours with my spine doing its best impression of a shrimp, hunched over my laptop. Shirouzu Coffee is one of the places I do that the most frequently outside of my apartment. The coffee is always good and the seasonal menu items are as delicious as they are fit for instagram. I got an amou (local variety) strawberry ice cream sandwich for lunch. It was a great computer break because it really required both hands but it was also some of the most beautiful ice cream I have ever had.

Double Watermelon Day

I love a double snack day, I love eating a snack that looks like another food I’m eating. It’s summer, it’s time to eat watermelon of all varieties. Fukuoka gets pretty hot, but I love the heat and taking my matcha set into the sun for a little break from work is hard to beat. In this pic you can catch a peek of the mountains in the background, a bunch of which I’ve gotten to hike.

This was a great day with great snacks (from 兎月・Rabbit Moon).