A Sweet Mushroom

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this at Kichi-Zoh today. For one reason, it’s an adorable forest mushroom with white mean paste and whole adzuki beans. Two, this was actually the first wagashi I tried in Fukuoka last year, before I started writing in here. I’m coming up on a year in Fukuoka, which is unbelievable, but not more so than realizing you measure the passing of time in seasonal sweets.

7/11 Snack

On Monday I had gone out completely forgetting the 2 places closest to me were closed. Not ready to admit defeat, I found a green grape and an nin dōfu・杏仁豆腐. It’s a Chinese sweet almond pudding that I love all iterations of. Sad that I missed out but at least there’s 7/11 to fall back on in case of emergency.

A Nice Sturdy Snack

This is an ikinari dango・いきなり団子 from Rabbit Moon・兎月, which is fairly popular around this area but from what I understand is much more famous in Kumamoto. It’s a quite sizable steamed dumpling filled with red bean and sweet potato. Some are so large they can double as lunch. In the winter I often toast them for a minute but it’s still summer and hot and humid here so I passed on that this time.

Interactive Jelly

This is actually another sweet I got while staying in my old neighborhood in Tokyo a little white ago. It’s a lightly sweet jelly inside of a bamboo tube. Always love a prop, you can use the plunger to push in through a little grid that slices it into cute jelly noodles. Then you pour a sweet, black sauce over it, similar to molasses. It was a very fun, light snack that I loved, even if it made me nostalgic for my old home!