Flower Season

New matcha day! This is from a family run shop near me. It’s maybe in between the other 2 most recent matcha powders I have bought. This is a sakura yōkan dorayaki・桜羊羹どら焼き that consists of jellied sakura and bean paste wrapped inside of a cute pancake. It was lovely and nice.

After work I usually go out for a walk to detach a bit and I often take a green path behind my place. There was so many beautiful magnolia trees I had to come back in the daylight so really see them.

Valentine’s Wagashi

Back to Tugi for their limited time Valentine’s day wagashi. Everything about that place is a joy so I thought I would show the packaging. The green one is pistachio with salted caramel paste and the brown one is called tama tama and is red bean, chocolate (already my favourite combo) and cream cheese paste. They were both amazing but the tama tama did win out for me.

I finally learned how to whisk the matcha to get a nice froth with my new matcha powder, it took a while of experimenting with water temperatures but in the end I just needed to increase the powder to water ratio. Fun to learn!

Mid-Week Mascarpone Mochi

It’s another cold day here so a good excuse to stay safe and warm inside, under my kotatsu. I have one more treat from 御菓子・Okashi Tugi to try. It has sesame, koshi-an (smooth red bean paste), walnut and mascarpone! This isn’t the first time I have had cheese in mochi, the convenience stores here have lots of weird seasonal combinations, but this was definitely the first fancy cheese mochi I have tried. It was beautiful! Very smooth but the walnut really added good texture. I will need to invent some excuses to walk back over there soon.

Perfect Ginger Ohagi

This is my first ohagi of the year, first ohagi on the blog, first ginger sweet on the blog, first time I ever saw a ginger flavoured ohagi, and my first trip to 御菓子・Okashi Tugi! The shop owner was so sweet and patient with her explanations to my many questions.

Ohagi are sweets made with glutinous rice that has been soaked for a long time and then wrapped in (usually) bean paste, but it this case in was a delicate ginger paste. This was definitely unique and soothing. Ohagi are one thing that you can really tell the difference between something from the grocery store vs a specialty store. The textural contrast of thick chewy rice with smooth ginger paste was so perfect it forced me to slow down and just forget about everything else. Next time I am in the neighbourhood I will without question go back and try their other offerings.

Farmer’s Market Day

One thing I’m missing about Tokyo is access to farmer’s market every weekend, all weekend. There’s quite a few to choose from with different schedules, but the one walking distance from my place was really amazing.

But! This once-a-month Fuku-Marche is really sweet too. They have live music and good smelling food trucks and a couple produce stands. I bought every vegetable I could find (but I was tragically too late for kale) and the items to make truly the laziest wreath of all time. Plus this yummy chocolate orange gluten-free vegan muffin. Already looking forward to next month!

Getting colder and darker

hoshigaki and black lilies and baby’s breath

My heart stopped when I saw these black calla lilies and baby’s breath. I found them on a work break in Yakuin and while unable to take a single good picture if them, i love them to death.

Another fav autumn Japanese snack is hoshigaki・市田柿, dried persimmon, I love eating them on hikes. This sweet is pretending to be a little hoshigaki with red bean inside and a chocolate cream stem.