Another rainy day, but the sun came out eventually and I walked over to Kichi Zoh・吉蔵. There are the cutest little flowers crawling on the roof, and they were so bright after the rain. A wagashi shaped as a new leaf around coarse red bean paste・tsubu an・粒餡 with a little raindrop on top. This must be one of the first tsubu an sweets I’ve had from them, it was a pleasant surprise!

Post-Vacation Treats

This week has been the Golden Week holidays, a time when several national holidays fall closely together so most people get about a week off. A friend came to visit and we explored around outdoors as much as we could. Yesterday was really the first day back home so I had 2 little treats from Kichi Zoh. A beautiful purple iris namagashi and purple 団子・dango with red bean, white bean and purple sweet potato wrapped around soft mochi.

I got some really beautiful flowers that I cannot name at the florist. The blues and purples are a fun departure from my usual palette. Imagine my surprise coming home and finding I am growing raspberries! My giant branch is a raspberry bush! At the florist where I bought it, the shop owner told me the flowers would quickly wilt but the branch would last several months. She didn’t mention anything about bearing fruit! I can’t wait for my little harvest.

Plants & Flower Snackies

Another double feature day. This time, featuring new plants! A clover and a strawberry plant. From Kichi-Zoh・吉蔵, a daffodil namagashi and forsythia gelatin sweet. At the risk of hyperbole, Kichi-Zoh has the best namagashi in the world. There’s something about the texture that really sets in above nearly everything else in terms of a classic namagashi. So happy and lucky to be so close to it.