A Perfect Day

Sakura season has peaked, making for far fewer crowds and a carpet of fallen petals. I couldn’t wait to get home to eat this other-wordly sakura ohagi from a new favourite Kumaya・熊屋. The base is sweet sticky rice with the most delicate and smooth blend of white bean and fragrant sakura paste glazed on top. I don’t usually get ohagi, they are often more lunch sized than snack sized but this was so amazing I couldn’t get over it; possible the best ohagi I have ever had.

Here are a few more sakura pictures near the castle ruins aka my snack spot (featuring some urban wildlife).

Sakura Time

Sakura mochi in its natural habitat. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Japan so here is an uncategorized assortment of pictures I took over a few days in Maizuru Park, near the old castle and ruins near my place. I’m so lucky I can walk over every day to see the blossoms change.

Flower Season

New matcha day! This is from a family run shop near me. It’s maybe in between the other 2 most recent matcha powders I have bought. This is a sakura yōkan dorayaki・桜羊羹どら焼き that consists of jellied sakura and bean paste wrapped inside of a cute pancake. It was lovely and nice.

After work I usually go out for a walk to detach a bit and I often take a green path behind my place. There was so many beautiful magnolia trees I had to come back in the daylight so really see them.

100th Post! Roses and Snacks Still Going Strong

A true commitment to snacking! I can’t (I can) believe I got to 100 posts so quickly. I love seeing and sharing all the sweet treats I find. This one is a sakura mochi jelly with yōkan (smooth red bean paste jelly) that is actually from the convenience store. I can’t believe how good it was! I added a couple salk preserved sakura blossoms for fun, but I think even without the textures and flavours were really gentle but nice. These roses really just keep giving, every day they open up a bit more. Here’s to 1000s of more snacks in the future.

End Of The Season: Sakura Fubuki

Sakura Fubuki・桜吹雪, which translates to Sakura Snow Storm is upon us in Fukuoka! At home my baby roses are still in full bloom (man kai・満開).

I got the most beautiful wagashi from Kichi-Zoh to celebrate the last days of blossoms. It is a yōkan based sweet that represents the oar of a boat, peddling through a lake where sakura petals have fallen. How dreamy! The perfect mid-day break imagery for a day a little too busy to go for a walk.

Hiking In Aburayama・油山 Round 2: Sakura Edition

It was a gorgeous sunny day so I headed back to Aburayama to see the cherry blossoms over there. I can see Aburayama from my bedroom window every morning so it was fun to go back. Since it was my second time there I didn’t take as many photos but it was still incredibly nice.

On the walk back home ( I love I can walk home from the mountain so much) I passed by the most beautiful little stretch of river with lots of trees and petals raining down, it was such a nice end to the hike!

Here’s my path on Yamap

Cherry Blossoms Inside and Out

Inside, I had sakura dorayaki with red bean paste. Dorayaki is like a fluffy little pancake. It was lovely. I have some sakura branches for my home and I love to look at them every second.

But outside! Very early, we went out to see the sakura near my place by the castle ruins in Ohori Koen. It was the perfect weather, and the perfect blossoms and perfect morning.

The mountain in the background is Aburayama, where I’ve been hiking and will try to go again this weekend to see even more blossoms, should I be so lucky.