Some little definitions for people not as obsessed with sweets as I am.

Red bean paste, very sweet and good. Can be broken down into Tsubu-an (chunky?) and koshi-an (smooth).

Maybe the most popular dessert/snack of all? I think this is what a lot of people think of when they hear ‘mochi’. They are make of sticky, yummy mochi and filled with something sweet, most often anko (red bean paste).

AKA perilla, a fragrant herb popular in Japanese cooking. The green ones are often seen with sushi, the purple are popular in ume boshi.

Shiro An
White bean paste used in sweets, often in daifuku.

Pounded glutenous rice that turns into a glorious sticky, chewy wonder. Can be sweet or savoury, they are used in soups, can be toasted or baked. Opportunities are endless.