First DIY Sweet: Hydrangea Edition

When I lived in Tokyo I went to a few classes to make Japanese sweets so it wasn’t my absolute first attempt at wagashi but it was my first solo attempt! All I can say is, I further understand why this is a specialized profession.

The pink color is a result of mixing red cabbage and lemon juice, it was really interesting to experiment and that is one aspect I would like to try again. Inside, I made a mochi ball, or dango, which is surrounded by white bean paste and then topped with the coloured jellies using agar agar.

So similar to the hydrangea・ajisai・紫陽花 I showed earlier, this is a pretty classic seasonal sweet that might be found in sweet shops when the hydrangeas begin to bloom.

I might need a few more tutorials before my next attempt, though I did learn a lot and have a fun doing it. I guess the bar has been set pretty high by all my usual sweet shops!

March Snack of the Month: Ichigo Daifuku

Return of the snack calendar! I went a little all out this afternoon; 2 drinks and 2 sweets. Of course matcha and the Match sweet, strawberry daifuku. I also had some green muscat grapes and made some 桜茶・sakura tea! It’s just hot water poured over salt-pickled sakura, or cherry, blossoms. It has a nice umami saltiness that balances well with the sweet foods and bitter matcha. A perfect break!